• Planmeca Proline XC Digital X-ray
  • Hextio Viruskiller
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Image plate scanner
  • Motor suction

Planmeca Proline XC Digital X-ray

  1. Direct digital imaging saves time: Images are seen on the computer screen within seconds after the exposure without waiting for the processing of film in order to make a proper diagnosis.
  2. Proline’s CCD Direct Digital Technology: The digital sensor technology of the ProOne eliminates chemical processing of films, as well as the need for chemical developers, chemical disposal, and dark room. Digital imaging puts an end to the retakes.
  3. Easy to operate: The Proline X-ray unit provides absolute ease of use with cutting edge digital imaging technology. Simply select the desired image program, patient type, jaw shape and size, and position the patient. The unit’s graphical user interface ensures that all types of radiographic examinations are highly rapid and effortless to perform.
  4. Accessible by all patients: The PLANMECA Proline easily handles any patient, from children and adults to those who are bedridden or wheelchair bound.
  5. Side entry: The PLANMECA Proline’s side entry feature allows easy access for all patients; the exposure can be performed on a standing or a seated patient. If necessary, the patient can even remain seated in a wheelchair or lie in a hospital bed with upright lifted backrest.
  6. Open view patient positioning: The Proline X-ray does not require mirrors to position the patient. Instead, the patient has an open and comfortable view. (This is especially useful when, for example, the patient is a small child who needs reassurance that a parent is nearby.)
  7. Quick and easy patient positioning: The Proline X-ray’s side entry and open patient positioning features minimize radiograph errors caused by incorrect patient positioning. Patient positioning is made quick, precise, and easy, as the user may monitor the patient freely from the front and side.
  8. Triple laser beam alignment: Patient positioning is assisted by a triple laser beam system which accurately indicates the correct anatomical positioning points. The midsagittal plane positioning beam shows the correct sideways alignment of the patient’s head. The Frankfort horizontal plane positioning beam allows the correct head tilt. The focal layer positioning beam helps position the patient accurately inside the focal layer for a sharp and clear image.
  9. Digital imaging allows easy archiving and efficient record-keeping practices: A digital image requires much less storage space, it’s easier to access, and can be found in much less time than a film image.

PLANMECA ProOne provides a variety of imaging programs for different radiographic needs. In addition to the the standard panoramic programs, the following specific imaging programs represent a few of the programs included within the optional Professional Program Package:

  • Improved Interproximal Program
  • Improved Orthogonal (Perio) Program
  • Bitewing Program

Note: The panoramic Bitewing Program can be added as a separate program. ProOne also allows you to select the right exposure parameters, minimizing the radiation dose for all types of patients and diagnostic purposes. ProOne’s advanced imaging geometry efficiently eliminates shadows and ghost images caused by objects outside the image layer, which significantly increases the diagnostic value of the radiograph.*

ProOne Digital Panoramic X-ray Programs

All 5 Basic Programs come standard with the unit. The Professional Program Package is optional and contains over 12 advanced panoramic programs including the Bitewing Program. The optional Bitewing. Example Romexis Software, Romexis Software Tools, TWAIN Driver, DICOM Compliant, Complete Digital Imaging.

Planmeca Proline XC Digital X-ray
Planmeca Proline XC Digital X-ray
Planmeca Proline XC Digital X-ray
Planmeca Proline XC Digital X-ray
Planmeca Proline XC Digital X-ray
Planmeca Proline XC Digital X-ray
Planmeca Proline XC Digital X-ray
Planmeca Proline XC Digital X-ray

Hextio Viruskiller

Hextio is personal air protection. Ideal for an individual with the unit situated on a desk, counter, bedside table, in a private vehicle, or on the go.

Hextio is the perfect air decontamination unit for personal use, thanks to its powerful fan and advanced photocatalytic oxidation technology developed for VIRUSKILLER™.

Hextio neutralizes pathogens in an individual’s breathing space. The only desktop air purifier with VIRUSKILLER™ technology, Hextio is your personal clean air companion at work or at home.

Suitable for desks, counters, bedside tables, and even on the go, this portable unit can be powered by a 12V power bank. The compact and lightweight Hextio is the perfect portable clean air companion.

What you'll be protected from

  1. Viruses
  2. Bacteria
  3. Pollen
  4. Formaldehyde
  5. Mold
  6. Nitrogen Dioxide
  7. Hazardous Vapors
  8. VOCs
  9. Allergens
  10. Exhaust Fumes
  11. Spores
  12. Particulate Matter

Hextio has been proven and tested to:

  1. Deactivate viruses and bacteria with unequalled efficiency
  2. Eliminate high levels of pollution from indoor air
  3. Effectively remove noxious gases and larger particles such as dust, dander, and other allergens

Hextio’s airflow hood can be directed towards an individual’s breathing space, providing clean, safe air, regardless of their surroundings. With no installation required, Hextio is plug-and-play indoor air safety for people on the move.

Process for complete air decontamination

As air passes through Hextio, it goes through a two-stage process of purification and decontamination. Like many high-end air purifiers, Hextio features a premium HEPA filter to trap ultrafine particles and allergens as air moves through the unit.

The activated carbon filter traps dust, pollen, smoke, and VOCs — this is where most air purifiers end and Hextio begins.

Featuring a miniaturized Reactor Chamber inherited from Radic8’s VIRUSKILLER™ enabled devices, Hextio uses photocatalytic oxidation to safely and efficiently decontaminate airborne viruses and biological pathogens that may pass through conventional filters.

Hextio is a complete filtration, neutralization, and decontamination device designed for your desktop.

The Radic8 technology has been recognized with international standard certifications. There are numerous patents associated with the VIRUSKILLER™ Reactor Chamber. The Radic8 technology has also been certified Ozone Free.

Hextio Viruskiller
Hextio Viruskiller
Hextio Viruskiller

Blood Pressure Monitor

1) Manual Sphygmomanometer


Desk type mercurial sphygmomanometer, traditional blood pressure measuring device. Stable and long life. Equipped with brass head stethoscope. Sphygmomanometer and thermometer.

The auscultatory method relies on inflating an upper arm cuff to occlude the brachial artery and then listening to the Korotkoff sounds through a stethoscope whilst the cuff is slowly deflated. The patient’s systolic (phase I) and diastolic blood pressure (phase V) is recorded from the reading on the sphygmomanometer.

  • Mercury sphygmomanometer This includes a mercury manometer, an upper arm cuff and a hand inflation bulb with a pressure control valve; requires the use of a stethoscope to listen to the Korotkoff sounds.
  • Aneroid sphygmomanometer as above, with an aneroid gauge replacing the mercury manometer. The aneroid gauge may be wall or desk mounted or attached to the hand bulb.
  • Electronic sphygmomanometer as above, with a pressure sensor and electronic display replacing the mercury manometer. The display may be a numerical display or a circular or linear bar graph. Battery powered.

2) Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Model: OMRON Deluxe Digital Upper Arm BP monitor HEM-7200

The Omron HEM-7200 (V1) is a clinically validated automatic blood pressure monitor. Measurements are taken from the upper arm and it is intended for self-measurement and home use.

This monitor can be used by multiple users. This blood pressure monitor uses the oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement. This means this monitor detects your blood movement through your brachial artery and converts the movements into a digital reading. This digital monitor intended for use in adult patient population. The device detects the appearance of irregular heartbeats during measurement and gives a warning signal with the measurement result. An oscillometric monitor does not need a stethoscope so the monitor is simple to use.


  1. Detects body movement hence for more accurate measurement readings
  2. Accuracy pressure : ± 3mmHg, Pulse : ± 5 percent of reading
  3. Memory for 60 sets of readings with date and time
  4. Medium Cuff: Fits arm circumference 22-32 centimeter
  5. Guaranteed measurements with Intellisense technology
  6. Fully automatic inflation
  7. Simple one-touch operation
  8. Blood Pressure Level Indicator
  9. Detects irregular heartbeat
  10. Detects body movement for more accurate measurement
  11. Memory for 60 sets of readings with date and time
  12. Displays average of last three readings taken within last 10 minutes
  13. Dual memory scroll keys
  14. Flexible fan shaped cuff
  15. Cuff size 22-32cm
  16. Optional AC adapter
Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor

Image plate scanner

VistaScan Mini Plus – "red dot design award winner 2011"

Since the introduction of conventional X-ray film development in dentistry, Dürr Dental has been at the cutting edge of diagnostics in the surgery. Digital X-ray with Dürr Dental offers dentists images with high resolution to meet all diagnostic demands. More than 50 years' experience in the development of X-ray technology leads time and again to practice-oriented and innovative solutions.

The VistaScan Mini image plate scanner makes image plate diagnostics even faster for dentists. The compact device is particularly easy to use and requires a minimum of space – so that it can be installed in the treatment room.

The advantage:

X-ray and scanning directly at the chairside with full flexibility in the image formats. The re-usable VistaScan image plates are read out in top quality within seconds. There's never been a better time to change over to plates.


  1. Compact without compromise: The grey scale graduation of the image plate with VistaScan Mini permits a presentation commensurate with the quality of the plate. With the proven engineering and outstanding image quality characteristic of Dürr Dental image plate scanners worldwide. Made in Germany.
    • No compromises on image quality: VistaScan Mini can reliably resolve caries D1 lesions and endoinstruments down to ISO 06. With 22 LP/mm, 16-bit (65.536) grey scales
    • No compromises on simplicity: Particularly easy handling: Read out, delete and make ready for the next use in one step. Rapid image availability from 6 seconds on in the direct vicinity of the patient.
    • No compromises on integration: VistaScan Mini can be operated with DBSWIN or other software packages via plug-ins or Twain drivers.It can be easily integrated into the surgery infrastructure via the USB or network interface.
    • No compromises on flexibility: All intraoral image plates – from size 0 to 4 – can be used with VistaScan Mini. In addition, 100% active surface area is available. Simple handling – as with an analog film.
    • No compromises on configuration: The display shows the most important patient data and information on the scanning process at a glance. Including energy-saving stand-by function.
  2. Highest image quality, perfect presentation: With a detail recognition of 22 LP/mm, VistaScan image plates have a higher resolution than the X-ray film and exceed that of any competitors. The Photon Collecting System (PCS) from Dürr Dental is already ahead of current image plate developments.
  3. Faster and more reliable diagnostics: Changeover from X-ray film to "digital" image plate? There's nothing easier than that. the X-ray exposure procedure remains the same as before. However, the diagnostic reliability is increased thanks to optimum detail recognition and sophisticated software support. With the VistaScan Mini you can benefit from all the advantages of the Dürr Dental image plate technology in its most compact form. The thin, flexible image plates are more pleasant for the patient and are particularly durable thanks to their special coating.
Image plate scanner
Image plate scanner
Image plate scanner
Image plate scanner
Image plate scanner
Image plate scanner
Image plate scanner
Image plate scanner
Image plate scanner
Image plate scanner

Motor suction

Durr V 300 S

The V-suction unit is suitable for use in dry air suction systems. The advantage of this system is that the suction units can be installed in any suitable room, regardless of the actual connection layout and routeing of the lines. The necessary air flow and vacuum are generated by a rapidly rotating impeller. An auxiliary air nozzle on the turbine housing protects the suction units against overheating. When an appropriate vacuum for the machine is applied, approx. 300 l/min of air is sucked in through the suction cannula.

On the vacuum side the V-suction unit is equipped with a condensation separator that collects any condensation arising within the pipe system and transports it away to the outside.

The VS suction units are used in wet suction systems. The suction units can be installed on the same floor as the treatment units or on the floor underneath. The necessary air flow and vacuum are generated by a rapidly rotating impeller. An auxiliary air nozzle on the turbine housing protects the suction units against overheating. When an appropriate vacuum for the machine is applied, approx. 300 l/min of air is sucked in through the suction cannula. The impeller, the separation turbine and the waste water pump are driven by the motor. The mixture of liquids, solid particles and air drawn in passes through the inlet connection and into the suction unit. The coarse filter holds back the solid particles.

Inside the separation unit, the aspirated fluids and solid particles pass through a two-stage separation system and are separated from the suction air. This separation system consists of a cyclone separator and a separation turbine. The suction process runs continuously.

The aspirated mixture flows into the cyclonic separator, where it is set into a spiral motion. In this first stage, the resulting centrifugal forces force the fluid constituents and any remaining solid particles against the outside wall of the separation chamber of the cyclone separator. This initially only effects a "coarse separation" of the fluid. In the subsequent second stage, the separation turbine effects "fine separation" of the remaining liquid from the air flow that has carried it to this point.

The waste water pump transports the liquid from the centrifuge together with the fine solid particles through the waste water connection into the central waste water network. A diaphragm valve is located in the waste water connection to prevent fluid from the drain being sucked back in.

This device has been subjected to conformity acceptance testing in accordance with the current relevant European Union guidelines. This equipment conforms to all relevant requirements.

Motor suction
Motor suction
Motor suction